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About us

Hello! My name is Ignacia Urquijo, CEO of Dermanaked Skincare. I am an empowered woman, hard working, wife, mother and a dreamer whom always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. The idea was to create a business with purpose. A business that would not only allow me to reach my personal and professional goals, but also allow me to help those whom are less privileged. Coming from a Psychology/Social Work background and a passionate of the beauty industry, for a while, I wanted to create a business that would allow me to combine my passion for beauty/skincare and the satisfaction of helping others; and Dermanaked Skincare is exactly the result of that vision.

OUR MISSION: Make handmade natural and organic skincare products that provide great benefits to your skin and only using certified organic ingredients. Our ecosystem is very important to us, therefore; we have ensured to only utilized recyclable packaging. This is also a cruelty free skincare brand.

A percentage of the yearly proceeds of Dermanaked Skincare will be utilized to make donations in the form of money and/or goods to those in need.

Every year Pictures will be posted to keep you all updated.

I give thanks to the Lord for molding my character and bringing out the best of me, to create this business from which others will also benefit from.


I use the Silky Peppermint Body Butter at night because it helps me relax and fall asleep.

Lucelly Espinal

I love how silky it feels on the skin.

Elvida Severino

The body Butter is super mega hydrating, and the Orange Vanilla Body Scrub smells delicious.

Yuri Rosario

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I'm all about giving and not receiving. Especially after a whole day of intense work, the Dermanaked Silky Peppermint Body Butter provides me with relaxation to my sore muscles and tired body. It also helps me fall asleep faster. I also love the moisture that it provides to my body"

Yudelka Bueno

I started using these products from this small business and WAO! what a nice surprise! I noticed a difference on my skin right away. They are nourishing and light on your skin; they don't leave your skin feeling oily. I love all the ones that I've tried so far; especially, the Silky Peppermint Body Butter, it gives me a sense of relaxation each time I use it.

Evelyn Nova

Before & After

This is the Before & After of an eczema patch after using our wonderful Body Butter (Luxurious Vanilla Body Butter for eight days. AMAZING RESULTS!!!

Our Body Butters work great on cracked skin. Look at the difference in just a few days!

Dermanaked Skincare 's Promise

At Dermanaked Skincare we embrace the modern fast-pace lifestyle, but also understand that it can take a toll on us. Making us feel drained at the end of the day, with little to no time for self care. With this in mind, we promise to provide you with the best natural and organic skincare products, that will not only bring numerous benefits to your skin, but will also make you indulge in selfcare which in tern, will remind you of your self-worth and how slowing down to take time for your self, is imperative for a well balanced lifestyle. Dermanaked Skincare takes pride in making each product with love and by hand just for you.

We Promise!